How do I temporarily override an existing schedule for special occasions without changing the existing schedule?

Last updated by Dan Mylotte on June 15, 2017 17:25

Navigate to Schedule Override. Select your jukebox.

  1. Click on Schedule Override located on the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. If you do not have your jukebox selected already, then you will be prompted to select the jukebox you would like to manage.
  3. Do this by clicking on the appropriate Manage Jukebox button.

Click on Add Schedule Override.

Click on Add Schedule Override.

Enter your Schedule Override settings.

  1. Give your Schedule Override an Override Name.
  2. Select when the override will occur under the Override Timing section.
    Select Start Now if you want it to start immediately and specify how long you want this Schedule Override to last.
    You can also have it start today at a later time and with a set end time.
    Finally, you can schedule it for a future date. If you click in the date field, then a date picker will appear.
    In this example we have selected 19:00 until 22:30 on Valentine’s Day.
  3. Next, select the playlist that you want to be playing during this schedule override under the Override Playlist section.
    You now have two options. One is to choose your own playlist by selecting Play selected playlist. A drop-down of all existing playlists will appear when selected.
    The other alternative is to choose a predefined custom compilation by selecting Play selected compilation. A drop-down of all existing playlists will appear when selected.
    In this example we have selected the custom compilation 'NEW Love'.
  4. Click on Save to save your new Schedule Override.
  5. If you decide that you do not want to proceed with this Schedule Override anymore, then click Cancel.

Schedule Override completed.

  1. A message will appear saying that your schedule override has been added.
  2. Should you wish to make any changes to the schedule override in the future, click on Edit.
  3. Finally, if you wish to permanently remove this schedule override, click on Delete.