How do I play the tracks in a music playlist in a specific order?

Last updated by Lucian Roux on June 24, 2016 17:12

Navigate to Custom Playlists. Select your jukebox.

  1. Click on Custom Playlists located on the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. If you do not have your jukebox selected already, then you will be prompted to select the jukebox you would like to manage.
  3. Do this by clicking on the appropriate Manage Jukebox button.

Preview your chosen playlist.

  1. You will be taken to your list of existing custom playlists.
  2. Click on the Preview button of the playlist of which you would like tracks to play in a specific order.

Preview playlist.

  1. You will then see all the tracks available in your selected playlist.
  2. Leave the Play this playlist in order checkbox unchecked if you wish for your tracks to randomly shuffle.

Enable Play this playlist in order functionality and reorder your chosen tracks.

  1. If you want your tracks to play in a particular order, then you will need to check the Play this playlist in order checkbox.
  2. This will make all tracks in the list draggable and will enable you to move tracks up or down into a new position.

Items sorted successfully.

  1. You will notice as soon as you have finished dragging a track into its new position, a message will appear telling you that your playlist items have been sorted successfully.
  2. When you have finished sorting your tracks, simply click on the Back to Custom Playlists button. This will take you back to your list of existing custom playlists.