Playlists - putting your assets in order

Last updated by Dan Mylotte on July 11, 2017 21:18

Playlists are a way of collecting your visual signage assets into ordered groups and setting the duration of each individual asset. It's typical for them to be played for a range of hours during each business day, looping continuously. You might have just one playlist that loops all day, or you might have several that change according to the kind of atmosphere that's appropriate for a part of the day.

Start with the "Create New Playlist" button:

Give you playlist a descriptive name. It's common for this to reflect the time of day, content of the images, or the range of dates that it will be displayed during.

Begin selecting assets from the dropdown:

Now you will begin populating time slots by choosing assets from the dropdown menu. When you choose, the next slot becomes available.

Set image durations:

A video asset's duration is fixed by the video length and must play to the end of the file. Static graphics can be set to display for increments of time available in the Duration dropdown menu:

Hover over a slot to change the cursor to the "compass" pointer and reorder your assets into different slots as necessary.

Now you're ready to schedule your playlists. Click here for scheduling.