Assets - creating visual media for signage

Last updated by Dan Mylotte on July 11, 2017 21:18

Creation of digital signage starts with Assets. An asset can be any type of file that is listed in the Supported Formats article.

There are two ways to create assets:

A. Upload existing graphics or video files

1. Click the green "Upload Image" button for static graphics file types


2. Click the green "Upload Video" button for video file types

Make adjustments to the image using the built-in photo editor

The Asset uploader features a powerful yet sleek editor to make modifications to your image before saving it to your Asset library. **NOTE: The editor is only available at the time of initial upload. If you need to redo actions in the editor after saving, you will have to upload the image a second time.

Click "Save" when finished. Then click the "X" to return to the Asset library

You can now preview a thumbnail image of your asset with the green play button located at the left of the "Actions" column.

Clicking the gray "Edit" button allows changes to be made to the Asset's name.

You can also choose to include one of the optional automatic overlays and the overlay text color.

B. Create a new asset from the online templates

Your digital signage account includes access to templates that have been created with several typical industry themes in mind, including food service, leisure sport, nightlife, retail, gaming, and holidays.

Click the green "Create Asset from Template" button to reveal the template library:

Choose a template and make edits using the built-in photo editor

Click Save when finished. Then click the "X" to return to the Asset library

**NOTE: if the Assets do not appear in the library at this point try refreshing the page in your browser

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